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May 30 2011

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Awesome Ringo Dance!
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May 29 2011

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Stop! Bunnytime!
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May 24 2011

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May 04 2011

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Hip Hop Meets Swing
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Paw Does the Fork in the Garbage Disposal.
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May 03 2011

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Do the R.O.B.!!!
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Time for some Better Off Ted
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April 29 2011

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April 27 2011

April 19 2011

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Yep. He really knows how to dance.

April 16 2011

Dance styles for different types of people

the nerds:

the crazy people:


the girl in pink from “Friday”:

the happy people:

the cool people :

the cats:

my friends:



The nerdssssss.. My favourite!! :D

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April 15 2011

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April 09 2011

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April 05 2011

Tote Bag ‘Thom Yorke Dance Guide’

Se volete tenere sempre a mente i passi di Thom York nel video Lotus Flower, i franzosi di Cool And The Bag l’hanno messa su questa tote bag.

Tote Bag 'Thom Yorke Dance Guide'

Tote Bag 'Thom Yorke Dance Guide'

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That moment when you hear your favorite song.

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March 29 2011

Everybody dance now!

March 19 2011

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